As You Like It

I feel like everyone forgets that College is hard.

By this point almost all of my friends are either freshly out of college or in their last year. Unsurprisingly, the ones who are still students are clamoring to get out. They are revving their engines at the starting line of the race of life. In turn, me and my recently-graduated friends have mostly passed over the “I’m looking for a job” turnpike, though many were held up and confused when using the “There are clearly no jobs on this planet” roundabout, and perhaps a quick break at the “Why did I bother getting a degree if everyone wants 3 years of experience” rest stop. So as you can imagine there are a few differences in perspective, though I’m pretty sure we’re all headed to the same scrap-yard.

“But Samwise,” You* say, “college wasn’t really hard. Really hard is waking up every day to go to your job. In college you can skip class**, and stay up late for parties and stuff. Also your metaphors are trite***.” While this is (mostly) true, it is also true that you are always working. Being a college student means using a large chunk of your free time for homework and papers and studying. When you work in the ‘real’ world you can leave your job when you come home. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely will take classes that do not require that level of work. Let me be honest though: If you never took a class that felt like a part-time (if not full-time) job, you were doing it wrong.

Like many people, I would still like to go back to College. But I’m talking about the fictional college that we all reference, where 20+ page papers were a myth and weekend-exams were just nightmares.


*= Not really you.

**= I’m not advocating skipping class, but I’m not saying it’s uncommon. If you’re still in college make yourself this deal: Don’t skip class, but make sure you don’t have Friday classes either. Totally worth it.

***= Okay, that definitely wasn’t you, unless you were one of my English major friends.


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