Aesop Inception

Aesop Inception

Another music post! This is an old piece from one of my friend Devin, who is an insanely talented rapper and producer (he was also the rapper and singer for Literati.) This song is a five-part, 10-minute long song with samples from the also amazing Aesop Rock. It takes you through the stages of a relationship, in the style of the movie Inception. Fun fact: the musical meter drops with every stage. Also, keep an eye out for the refrain which signals a change in narration (Hell yeah Devin, using literary devices in hip-hop!)

On a side note, if you haven’t noticed I have a strange attraction to hip-hop, especially if it’s well written and clever. Devin uses a lot of wordplay and clever rhythmic phrasing, which makes him one of my favorite aspiring artists.

Feel free to check out the rest of his Hotnewhiphop site! He has a lot of stuff up there.

[Parental Advisory: Explicit Language and Content]


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