In which Sam recommends a book to the reader

It occurred to me, completely unnecessarily*, that you could describe blogs in general and mine specifically as ‘a lot of words about other, better planned-out words.’ And so, as I have already written about languages and use a lot of quotes, I thought I would cover all the bases and start writing about books I like as well.

As to the first book I would review, I have given it a lot of thought. When I first came up with the idea, I immediately thought of a book I haven’t read for, like, years**, but it is not a mainstream novel and I wanted to appeal to a lot of people. However, every time I started to plan this post my mind came back to the same series, so here we go.

The novel in question is from the Old Kingdom series, which is called the Abhorsen Chronicles in the States, by Garth Nix. It falls under the category of children’s-and-young-adult fantasy/sci-fi fiction***, of which I have a read a lot, let me tell you****. The series is comprised so far of three novels and a short story, though there may be more since I last read anything from him. They are quick reads but have plenty of interesting concepts and characters, a good magic system with plenty of necromancy, and decent world building.

The world may or may not be an alternate UK, where Scotland is full of magic and tradition and dead people, and England is kind of boring*****. That could just be my take on it, though. You should check out the series if you found my description appealing, which was really much worse than the novels, I promise. Anyway, here is a picture of them:


I will probably continue to recommend books from time to time, as I sometimes needs days off from making up silly things******.
*= Because this is how my brain works.

**= See above asterisk.

***= Told you.

****= Because I’m a nerd.

*****= This is probably because Garth Nix is Australian.

******= I think I need a new asterisk system, because now it just looks like I’m swearing.


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