“Puns are the highest form of literature.” ― Alfred Hitchcock

I’ve written a few posts about language, to which I am obviously very attracted. Between discussing why I love language, why foreign language drives me crazy, and why English is even worse, I don’t want you to think I’ve forgotten about wordplay. There are many ways to be clever with words and some are more sophisticated than others, but in the voice of an old, wise, fictional man, “If ye don’t know where ta start, go back to ta beginnin’.” (Uncle Alphonse, Escanaba in da Moonlight).

So we’re gonna start with puns.

Yes, I’m serious, this post is about puns.

Okay, I’m pretty sure most of you just clicked back over to read your Facebook news feeds, because that might seem less painful. So if you’re still here, you’re probably one of my friends. If you are one of those sad, sad people, then you already know how much I love puns, so I won’t spend too much time writing clever things, and instead share as many awesome ones as possible. Okay, okay, I’m going already!

Some are more classic:

697219Some are more visual:

Some are groaners:


Some are fairly sophisticated (for a pun):


Almost classy, even:


And some just aren’t:


Some of them come in floods (I like to call this the pun-train):


But usually, when it comes to puns, you find yourself thinking:

“I can’t
these are so bad.

I mean seriously,

Okay, okay, that was awful, I know. I’ll stop, just one last thing. It isn’t a pun, just something funny:

Yeah, you’re glad you stuck around, aren’t you? Well you’re welcome.


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