“Look! A trickle of water running through some dirt! I’d say our afternoon just got booked solid!” ― Bill Watterson

You may have noticed that I have an intense love of webcomics, a form of nerditry that works very well with both my obsessive personality and desire for quick, cheap laughs (see my post on puns). This is also a sustainable form of entertainment for me because a good, daily webcomic not only gives me something new to read constantly, but also usually comes with years of archived comics to catch up on. So yeah, I have read a lot of webcomics. And when I say “a lot,” I mean I have read thousands of pages of webcomics over the past few years.

Why on Earth would I do that? Largely, I blame these:


Bill Watterson is an amazing cartoonist and if you don’t intimately recognize these revered tomes of unadulterated wisdom, all I can say is that I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I was fortunate enough to discover them growing up, because my parents own every Calvin and Hobbes compilation. And so I have read every single one. Multiple times.

And so while I can’t say my taste in comics has matured over the years (because seriously, Watterson is the master), I was overjoyed to find the new medium of the Internet. And so to wrap up my brief (but very enjoyable) love affair with The Oatmeal, I have a third comic for you to read.


Plus I get to do a group of three and I like groups of threes.

This comic is a five-part monstrosity of sincerity and humor, so I don’t expect you to read it all the way through (though I think you should anyway.) If you need encouragement, I offer this: I have not run in years, was literally told not to run by my physician, and this comic made me want to go take a run. It’s incredibly well done, and stays true to The Oatmeal’s pattern of good writing and humorous visuals, which is really all you need.

If nothing else, read the first one.  I really like this first installment because I identify with the battle with “The Blerch,” in more than just physical activity, and it is good to know that I am not alone in my battle for productivity and healthy living.

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