An open letter to my peers.

Dear well, everyone,

I am very concerned about this new trend I have been seeing, mostly through Facebook posts, where all of you seem to be doing things. When I say things, I mean major life accomplishment things. You may be pretending to have your life in order, or maybe you stole someone else’s life that was already put together, but either way I need you to stop.

Since when is it okay to have real jobs, serious relationships, or even (the faint of heart should skip this next part) marriages and children? Have you no shame?

For those of you who are protesting, “No, it’s real,” or “I’m building a life,” or “Who are you, again?” You seem to have forgotten the real victims here: people you used to know, who just generally aren’t winning as hard as you are. These are people who you probably haven’t heard from in years, and who are tired of your bullshit.

Why should their Facebook feeds be full of your adorable spouse/child/pet? They yearn for the days when all they could find were drunken photos and the occasional Study Abroad picture. When your status would read “Man, calc 2 is sooooo much crap lol,” and they could respond, “yeah, bruh.” Now, they have nothing to say when you post that you’ve just landed your dream job, or proposed. It’s just awkward for everyone.

Please, think of your friends, or at least the people who used to be your friends a few years ago. You know who they are.


A concerned peer.


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