“Romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.” – Jeph Jacques

Since I paid so much attention to The Oatmeal, I wanted to start highlighting some other webcomics that I am a fan of. One of my favorites is called Questionable Content and is written and drawn by Jeph Jacques, who was probably surprised to find himself a miniature internet phenomenon.

The comic itself is a daily, slice-of-life, East Coast parody, though generally Jeph goes for the “so-accurate-it-hurts” approach to making fun of people. The comic has some great characters, who deal with some very real-world life issues. The cast is very inclusive, and contains most every race, gender identity, and sexuality. The best part is Jeph doesn’t seem to actively try to hit all the bases. QC is also set in an alternate universe where Artificial Intelligence is commonplace and the general population has access to AnthroPC’s, which are little companion Robots who generally aren’t very helpful with anything. The AI is strangely not all that important to the comic’s plot lines.

Jeph’s writing and artistic skills improve drastically throughout the comic, though his characters continue to make obscure references to music, science, and history. Overall it is very enjoyable, and I highly encourage that you check it out.



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