“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.” -Terry Pratchett

Some of you are wondering when I’m going to get back to recommending books, which is how my recommendation posts started, instead of all these comics that I doubt anyone reads. Or at least this is how everyone is reacting in my head. Still, I figured it was time to get back to books, regardless of whether my imagination is accurate. So here goes:

Terry Pratchett is among the most creative and witty modern authors, and certainly one of my favorite authors of all time. His characters are both likable and interesting, and his world-building is remarkable (you may have noticed these things are important to me). Pratchett is a leader in the genre of fantasy-satire fiction*. His jokes are funny, clever, and above all else, very British. Also, he was the first author I read who does this**.

Terry Pratchett is a very prolific writer and I have found pretty much everything of his worth the read. His Magnum Opus has got to be the collection of works set in the Discworld, thanks to which he is well known. Discworld is a place of magic and mythology, and above all else, stories. These range from epic struggles involving heroes and gods, to the adventures of a deadbeat cop. Regardless of the plot, it will be fun.


Oh, and it all takes place on the back of a giant star-turtle and four elephants.

Discworld’s versatility is second only to its cleverness. If Pratchett can be said to have a flaw, it’s that he does so well with the characters and rising action and clever remarks, and then kind of wraps up the ending without pizazz. But this is fitting, in a way; His books are more fun to read than they are to finish. You learn to enjoy the process, and to stop worrying about how it all ends.


*= No, I don’t read normal things. Get over it.

**= Yes, this. What I call the asterisk thing, which is better known as a footnote. Blame him for it.


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