“I am fire… I am death!” -Smaug, The Hobbit

Because Mondays aren’t made for heavy lifting, I decided to do a piece on everyone’s favorite lizard-man: Benedict Cumberbatch.


Or everyone’s favorite otter, apparently?

If you internet at all, you know Benedict Cumberbatch has gained a lot of popularity, especially through BBC’s Sherlock. The consensus seems to be that he is very good looking, but no one seems to be able to determine what part of looking at him is good, or why he has any business looking good in the first place. He does appear to be, if nothing else, tall and dark haired.

A lot of people seem to be attracted to his voice, and although he has a nice baritone, I can’t help but thing it pales in comparison to Alan Rickman’s bass.

alan rickman

Turn to page three-hundred and ninety four…

Regardless, I’m not here to argue the appeal of the Cumberbatch. I’m not a member of the Cumberbunch, or a Cumberbitch, or even a Cumbercookie (part of the Cumberbatch,) but I like him for a few different reasons.

Not only is Benedict a pretty great actor, he is also a pretty great actor who plays excellent roles in a lot of nerdy things that I, well, nerd-out about. As mentioned he plays the illustrious Sherlock Holmes in the BBC’s Sherlock, which is an excellent adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s magnum opus. He also plays the dragon Smaug in the The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug.


Though I’m pretty sure this part was less about motion capture and more about trying to actually turn Benedict into a dragon.

My other favorite part about Burberry Cabbagepatch is that you can mix up his name with utter nonsense (such as Thornberry Bandysnatch), and most people will still recognize his name. There’s even a whole Tumblr dedicated to new names for Peppermint Scoobysnack.



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