“Inner space is so much more interesting, because outer space is so empty.” -Theodore Sturgeon

I need you to take a moment to think about space.

You’re reading my blog, so you clearly have nothing important to do. Or you’re procrastinating. Regardless, stop what you’re doing, and think about everything you know about space. Think about how space is huge, like incomprehensibly large. Just try.

Got it?

Wasn’t that exciting? Or scary? Or probably both? Space is amazing, and if you’re like me you know very little about it compared to quantum physicists etc. And those people, scientists and geniuses and all, know very little about space compared to what all there is out there.

So we’re pretty much never going to stop learning about space and how it is awesome and wonderful and terrifying.

Which is why it’s still exciting when we discover new things, like the planet closest to the conditions of Earth that we found recently.


Above: definitely Earth, and probably not actually Kepler-186f

Even though we’ve found a couple hundred of planets which are close, this one is the closest to having the conditions to support life, specifically liquid water. Based on the type and size of the star, orbital distance, mass of the planet, and probably a whole bunch of other factors, the planet we have named Kepler-186f is a really exciting find.

Don’t go hopping into your spaceship quite yet though. Despite being right in the correct part of the “Goldilocks Zone” (not too hot, not too cold), Kepler-186f’s mother star’s propensity for solar flares present a problem. Still, it drew a lot of attention and got a lot of people thinking, which is great.

So if you weren’t sure, I don’t agree with the quote above.

Oh, and I hope no one is mad I broke my streak of talking about meaningless stuff on Mondays. But then, if you don’t want to start your week off by thinking about how space is wicked awesome,  you’re reading the wrong blog.

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