“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” -Zig Ziglar

Regardless of how you might feel about our Commander-in-Chief, most people will admit that President Barack Obama has a great media presence. He first proved this by targeting and connecting with young voters during his first campaign for the presidency, and has not lost savvy since.

His continued favor with my age group is largely due to the fact that Obama has a great PR and social media team. He has clearly employed some creative people who know their internet pop-culture, and as evidence I present a recent contribution from the Barack Obama Facebook page:


If you can’t read it, the caption is “It’s gonna be May,” a reference to a kind of obscure meme that dates back to N’Sync.

At this point I’m just assuming he hired some internet-goer like myself and said “Go for it! Internet as well as you can. But do it in the name of Obama.” And thus, some guy got the best and luckiest job ever.

Obama has also become famous for having great speech-writers and great delivery. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about his campaigning, here. After two presidential terms plagued with a nearly complete Congressional failure to compromise, as well as some of the worst journalism of all time, the Obama writers have primarily focused on brutal one-liners for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.


Paired with Obama’s innate sense of timing, these jokes have not only gotten more and more clever, but also unflinchingly bold. Much to the approval of the Internet.





Clever, right? Still, pretty tame so fa-


Oh snap. Obama don’t take no prisoners.



Believe what you want, but know this America. We have the sassiest president.



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