“I need a partner now.” -Axe Cop

It’s been a while since I’ve done a comic recommendation…

… but more importantly we need to talk about AXE COP.




Axe Cop is an internet phenomenon, but for some reason isn’t as famous as some other projects on the interwebs. I can’t imagine why.

This amazing piece of literature started when 29-year-old comic book artist Ethan Nicolle was visiting his family for Christmas. His 5-year-old brother Malachai (there are 5 children in the family, Ethan and Malachai are the oldest and youngest, respectively) asked him to play a game, which he called Axe Cop. It was quickly decided that Ethan was Axe Cop and Malachai was Flute Cop, and the story followed a natural progression from there. Well, by 5-year-old-boy logic.

After a while, Ethan couldn’t help himself and decided to draw it out as a single page comic. Since then, it’s exploded. There’s all sorts of merchandise, and reportedly even a a TV show for FOX in the works.

So please, read one page, or read them all. Either way, watching a 5-year-old’s brainchild come to life is going to make your day a little better.


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