“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” -Bill Gates

Thank you for choosing Dickendustries’™ Social Interaction Tech Support!

In order to better accommodate our Users, we have compiled a series of FAQ’s, separated by Social Interaction OS. (To speak with a Dickendustries® Support Specialist, call 1-800-252-8661 at the low rate of $9.99/minute.)

I. Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0

  • My Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 keeps throwing up error messages.

This OS is known to occasionally have errors, which is usually a sign that User maintenance is needed. While all errors have been known to occur in both Boyfriend 2.0 and Girlfriend 2.0, there are a few differences. Girlfriend 2.0 is more likely to run the crying.exe program, whereas Boyfriend 2.0 is more likely to initiate a system lockup and become unresponsive.

Due to the variety of issues that may occur, Users are advised to run a System Inquiry and a virus scan. Users should also make sure they have the most recent updates for the Communication Player application, or the Inquiry Report may not render correctly. IMPORTANT: Do not allow error messages to continue unchecked, or the OS will likely crash.

  • I’ve recently upgraded from Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 to Spouse 7.1, but a number of programs seem to have stopped working.

Spouse 7.1 is an excellent upgrade, but it is not a direct extension of Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 as many Users seem to think. It is possible to run all the same programs such as BodyImage, Romanticism, and even the fun add-ons like Compliments, but the Spouse 7.1 OS is designed for long-term reliability and User adaptability, with a highly flexible processor. In contrast, Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 are adapted for shorter-term, flashier interfacing.

All programs from Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 have cross-platform compatibility, however they have been reformatted to give the User in-depth, personalized returns like the Commitment Virus Protection application, instead of the spontaneous DateNight features of the previous model. Users should be able to run old applications by using the Remember When search feature, and Spouse 7.1 should quickly re-incorporate these programs into its Love&Understanding back-up feature.

  • My Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 has crashed. Is there a way of recovering the OS?

It is possible to shortly recover the Boyfriend 2.0/Girlfriend 2.0 after a terminal crash, but Users have largely found the recovery process to be limited and short-lived. If a User has lost their OS and are not ready to look for a new model, we recommend trying our Cat 1.2 OS (see below.)

II. Supervisor 4.5

  • My Supervisor 4.5 seems to have a virus, and I can’t get any work done.

Supervisor 4.5 is an older model, and very virus-prone. If the User is experiencing error messages such as shouting.exe or incompetence.tif, we recommend taking Supervisor 4.5 to the local Dickendustries© Tech Repair outlet. Many models of the Supervisor 4.5 are also likely to have a malfunction in their A.S.S. Port, and there may be debris lodged inside. If the User’s Tech Repair Specialist cannot fix the virus or dislodge the debris, we recommend shutting the OS down by running the iQuit application, and then purchasing a new Supervisor 4.5.

III. Cat 1.2

  • My Cat 1.2 seems to be malfunctioning.

Cat 1.2 is impervious to errors. If the User finds their Cat 1.2 is running scratch.exe or hearing the Yowling.aif error noise, it is likely that Cat 1.2 is simply running it’s primary application, FeedMe.


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