The Cotton State Acid Trip

****Challenge Accepted!****

I was given: “Katy Perry, Alabama, tape dispenser, become a Jedi,” by Danni. I came up with this:

Once upon an Alabama eve
Katy did wander all a’fright
For swamps are known to eyes, deceive
And ladies to vanish in the misty night

Furthermore, she did implore, to avoid what the world had in store
For in her hand, you understand, two tabs of paper and a wedding band

Ms. Perry’s path did vary
‘round snakes and frogs and fog-turned-smoke
Nervous, she whispered her query
And spun on an old crow as it spoke

“Little one, why did you come? Though wandering may sound like fun,
Getting lost, you end up cross, or lose yourself with morning frost”

Our lady shrieked and fled
The silence split on her cry
Her luck was gone, for this new path led
Straight to a large reptilian eye

Even stilled, the water’s filled, below the surface churned and milled
Big or small, short or tall, but deadly beasts one and all.

Katy feared she’d found a croc
Her knees shook, though ground was firm
The beast rose and she re-took stock
For now she looked upon a wyrm

What’s more, with a roar, the creature’s talons gouged the floor
The dragon’s ire, she must admire, into the air a burst of fire

Off our hero took again
As if for the other side of the globe
But instead found a strange new friend
A little green man in an oriental robe

Put your trust, in me you must, and into her arms a parcel thrust
With a quick scrape, she unwrapped the shape, and found a plain dispenser of tape.

She looked up and the man was gone
With the fading sound of “use the force”
Then she faced the demonspawn
And tried the tape—no use of course

She would be lunch, her bones would crunch, just a snack for him to much
The dragon spoke, his nostrils smoked, and she closed her eyes in time and woke.

****A New Challenger Approaches****

If you guys like these, keep sending me a person, place, object, and quest. If you don’t like it, suggest a challenge for me of your own imagining!


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