All About the Blogger

This is me:


Or rather this is a recent portrait shot of me. This is also me recently, albeit a different side:


This is my blog. You are looking at it. It will not have a designated structure. Hopefully it will look better as I go along. For the moment, I am doing this only for myself, and only as I see fit. I will probably eventually connect this to several social media sites, to Youtube, or post video blogs, and podcasts, and songs. There will be no true format, other than my own expectations of myself, which are thus: I will post one piece of content each weekday, and all content will be original content of my creation, at least in part. Other than that, I will do as I see fit. I will edit posts to the extent I feel necessary, though largely they will go unedited aside from spelling and grammar checks. The truth is, you see, I get bored easily. I am also likely to fixate on one thing at time and explore it to its fullest extent until my brain shifts gears. I abhor deadlines and other requirements and yet I am incapable of producing anything without them. These things in concert make it tough for me to stick to one idea or project and so I will not.

I feel cannot stress this enough: this blog is for me. That is its only purpose. I really do hope you enjoy reading it or experiencing its content. Honestly though I hope to continue it regardless. My motivation is that for a long time I was subconsciously telling myself that I was normal, that I was not better than anyone else, that I was not really special. I was not aware of how damaging this state of mind was to me at the time. It took me discovering that I had allowed myself to lose sight of every scrap of ambition and desire, of every motivation to have a life that I considered worth living, in pursuit of a standard which does not exist and was of no use to me.  Now, I am selfish. Now, I am not everyone’s friend. Now, I am trying to be a person I am not only comfortable with, but proud of.

I am writing this in order to give you fair warning. My writing style may be eloquent and cohesive, or I may just mess around and not worry about how I come across. I will probably contradict myself, in this and in other things. Writing that sounds crafted or calculated may be a first draft, and a more familiar tone may be intentional, so that I stop sounding like such a pretentious wad. You may feel that I get preachy. I will shamelessly copy things by famous authors, but do everything within my power to cite ones that I think are less well-known. I may say things you disagree with, and I may subsequently agree with your point of view if you ask me about it. The truth is that I hope that you will read this and enjoy it, because although these thoughts are truly for my benefit I would be lying if I said it wouldn’t matter to me that someone appreciates what I do.

So that’s me, as openly and as sensibly as I can express myself. So that should tell you something.

As for the blog, I will not promise to keep it quite so coherent.


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